About Me

I self-diagnosed my type 1 diabetes more than 15 years ago....I scheduled an appointment with my doctor after experiencing excessive thirst and urination over more than a 2 week period. I was pretty certain that something was wrong and so I started to research my symptoms to try to find pin down my ailment. This was before the days when we could "Google" anything to get an answer, but I was pretty resourceful person and I had my medical reference books and the Merck manual to help me diagnose my condition. After ruling out everything else, I became convinced that I had diabetes. When I broke this to my doctor in his office, he was convinced I was wrong. After all, I had no previous symptoms of diabetes or prediabetes. In fact, my first pregnancy, 4 years prior, had been a model pregnancy with no evidence of gestational diabetes whatsoever.

I said , "OK", you are the doctor, but let's check anyway. It did not take long for a finger stick to confirm that I had diabetes. My blood glucose level was more than 500. My first reaction was that my heart sank and I may have shed a tear because deep down I was really hoping that the doctor was right and I did not have diabetes. After all, I had very little familiarity with the disease and this had come out of nowhere. I had no family history that I was aware of and I really did not know anyone with diabetes. In fact, I recall that , a few years prior, I had been involved in a JDF campaign for my company. The speaker wanted to make the point that everyone knew someone with diabetes and he asked the audience by a show of hands to indicate if there was anyone who did not know someone with diabetes. Well, I raised my hand and the speaker had to back off of his point just a little bit.

Well, maybe my diagnosis was a bit of karma coming back to bite but this was a completely new thing for me.

In some respects, it was a bit easier to diagnose my condition as type 1 diabetes because there was no evidence at all of type 2 diabetes in my family. The origin of my disease is still in question. I seem to fall into the category of people oftentimes diagnosed on the cusp ( I was 29) who apparently get the disease through an environmental link such as contracting a virus that leads to the disease.

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