Continuous Glucose Monitor

The availability of the continuous glucose monitor has taken self monitoring of diabetes to a whole new level. The systems work through the use of a glucose sensor, a tiny flexible probe, which is inserted under the skin. The insertion of the sensor is very similar to the insertion of an insulin pump catheter and tape can be used to hold the device in place. The sensor measures the glucose concentration in the tissue fluid every five minutes for about three to seven days before its needs replacing. These systems can measure glucose levels every few minutes throughout the day and night. They also enable you to view glucose levels overnight sleeping and track glucose changes after food, insulin injections and exercise. These systems are particularly suited for those who practice tight control of their diabetes and have demonstrated the ability to be able to closely monitor, track , and analyze blood sugar readings so that adjustments can be made to gain even tighter control

I have found one of the main benefits of the system is that it alerts you to the rate at which your glucose level is changing allowing you to take corrective action before an extreme low or high has been reached. The CGM helps you to understand how slowly or quickly your glucose level rises after a meal and how different foods get absorbed. You can use this information to control the rise of your glucose levels by changing the timing of boluses or by making adjustments to your ratio of insulin to carbohydrates.

I can envision the day where the continuous glucose monitor will become an essential part of the healthy, independent diabetic's routine regimen. CGM devices will take their place beside the glucose blood test meters and strips and the insulin pump as a part of the normal battle armor against diabetes. Continuous glucose monitoring is another tool in the arsenal against diabetes.

We are in a fight for our lives when we go up against diabetes. However, it is a fight that is very winnable thanks to all of the medical and technology breakthroughs and innovations in oral medications, products and tools. Each and everyone of us must commit ourselves to doing everything we can to beat diabetes. We have an assortment of tools and technologies at our finger tips that will enable our victory. So Take Control Of Your Diabetes! (TCOYD). TCOYD is a 5 word acronym that summarizes what we must all do to live a healthy and fulfilled lives as diabetics.

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