Diabetes Online Community

The diabetes online community has grown exponentially in recent years. There is an abundance of educational materials, support organizations, product information and other support services and resources that are now readily accessible to the diabetic community. There now exist a very large, vocal and well-informed community who represents and advocates for people with diabetes (PWDs). PWDs who are represented online have gotten the attention of the various diabetes stakeholders and many have gained tremendous credibility for their efforts to promote the care and well-being of those affected by diabetes. The following is a compilation of a few of the websites and blogs that aim to keep the diabetes online community informed and updated.

Diabetes Advocates

Diabetes Advocates is a not for profit program that connects diabetes advocates, helps them work together, and pool their resources to help people with diabetes.

David Mendosa: Helping Defeat Diabetes Since 1995

Wealth of information on diabetes including one of the most comprehensive diabetes directories available.

Diabetic Connect

Diabetic Connect is a social network that empowers people living with diabetes


TuDiabetes is an online community created by the Diabetes Hands Foundation that connects people touched by diabetes.

The Diabetes Resource

The Diabetes Resource is a listing of over 13,000 resources related to diabetes

Six Until Me

This is a blog written by a Type 1 diabetic who is also a freelance author

Diabetes Forums

A community of people with diabetes, friends and family from around the world. Provides resources for diabetes, dieting, insulin, and insulin pumps.

Diabetes Mine

Provides straight talk and encouragement for people living with diabetes

Diabetic Live

Provides the latest diabetes news, information and resources on diabetes as well as inspiring stories of those living with the disease.


A community that offers the latest news and resources and provides information on the different types of diabetes, disease management and articles from experts.

Fit4D Personalized Diabetes Coaching

In 2012, Fit4D launched the Personalized Fit4D Pathways©, an innovative way to increase adherence to therapy and improve health outcomes on a large scale without losing the personalized human connection.


US-based community that provides advice, interviews, product sales, membership benefits, and events calendar.

50 Years of Type 1 Diabetes

Personal experience of a physician who has lived with diabetes and carried out research at the Joslin Diabetes Center

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