Type 1 Diabetes is not a death sentence...Type 1 diabetes is a chronic condition that can be completely controlled so that you can live a life free from the complications of diabetes.  There is only one catch...

Living a life free from the complications of diabetes requires a big commitment ...A commitment to yourself. Victory over type 1 diabetes is as much a mindset as it is anything else  You have to control your diabetes --You can't let your diabetes control you...

The Good News is that controlling your diabetes is completely POSSIBLE.

That is the reason for this website.  I have grown tired of running into people with diabetes, some of them friends, who are not taking care of their diabetes or who know someone who is a poorly controlled diabetic.  Well, I am committed to reducing the number of these  and one of the best ways that I can do that is to  share what I call the "Blueprint" on how to live free from the complications of diabetes.

I have coined a title for the blueprint ---- Diabefree

It intentionally sounds like "Die or Be Free" because I truly believe that people who have diabetes are presented with a choice ---You can die a premature death by being a victim of your diabetes or you can be free and live a long and prosperous life while avoiding the complications of diabetes, 

How can you do that you ask?

Well there are no magic bullets but its SIMPLE!

I am creating this website to talk about this Blueprint..."The Diabefree Blueprint"

The Diabefree Blueprint consist of 5 Components:


Click on any one of these items above to learn about what it takes to have Victory over Diabetes!


I am creating this site to share my experience and thoughts on having type 1 diabetes. I am not a medical expert but I can share my personal experiences and observations on what has worked and not worked for me. I also plan to share a lot of fact-based technical information and insights that has helped me to manage and beat my diabetes diagnosis. Although for many, type 1 diabetes appears to be a death sentence, it has been the opposite for me. Having diabetes has given me more of an appreciation for life and I am committed to living the best life that I can. I cannot say that there is anything that I have wanted to do that I have not been able to do because of my type 1 diabetes. By maintaining good control over your diabetes, you can overcome the health complications and pitfalls that can come with the disease and you too can beat diabetes!

Cause of Type 1 Diabetes
The cause of type 1 diabetes is the lack of insulin production in the pancreas. Researchers have found many factors that appear to be linked to type 1 diabetes.
Diabetes Symptoms
In depth knowledge about diabetes symptoms is critical for type 1 diabetes. You must become an expert in diabetes care.
Diabetes Complications
It is important to understand the major diabetes complications and how they can be avoided
Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes
Effective diabetes treatment and management leads to control over type 1 diabetes
Diabetes Control
Effective diabetes control enable type 1 diabetics to beat their diabetes
Type 1 Diabetes Information and Resources
Take advantage of the extensive type 1 diabetes information and resources available through organizations, publications, and companies involved in diabetes care.
African Americans and Diabetes
The statistics for African Americans and diabetes are alarming. African Americans are disproportionately affected by diabetes and diabetes complications
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